YEAR 2003

07.12.2003 From Finland, await for long time, comes to us new tomcat. Starmaker’s THIEF OF HEARTS is black classic tabby – big boy with beautiful look. He is ingratiating and very lovely cat. Presence of Thief give us lot of happiness.
Thank You Maarit for absolutely greatest Thief.

Soon photos in boys.

25.11.2003 From Czech Republic, from Atte Ros Cattery, comes to us new girl – black classic tabby and white. E’LENA, called by us MILKA, is a beautyful kitten, in future she will be proud representant of our Cattery as adult cat. Milka is very short time with us, but she make friends with our cats. Her present is great gift for us :)
Thank You very much for E’lena.

8-9.11.2003 was International Cat Show in Zabrze. BREAK DANCE Aspenville *PL, boy from our cattery, are participated in this show. His results: Ex1 CACIB and NOM BIS. Congratulations for Break and his owner Dominika Budzińska!!!

25-26.10.2003 International Cat Show in Warsaw organised by SHKRP. Seven cats from our cattery participated in this show. We are happy for theirs results.
Our new girl from Hungary – Heartbreaker DANCING QUEEN, for two days of show, recived notices EX1 BOV and NOM BIS in class 11. We are so proud of her!!! 
BREAK DANCE Aspenville*PL - his owner is Dominika Budzińska, takes Champion title. Congratulations for cats and owners.
Results in SHOWS.

*09.10.2003*one of our kittens, boy named Dr.Pepper Aspenville *PL, goes to Germany. He will be live in great and big home with greatful peoples, in Gau-Algeszeim. His new owners Werner & Sigrid Dörsheln. I wish you a lot of fun with Dr.Pepper :)
Special thanks to Mr Karol for taking care Dr.Pepper’s journey to Germany. And for Dominika…. you are crazy !!!

04.10.2003 new photos of DANCING QUEEN and kittens from litter “D”.

20-21.09.2003 was held XX Aniversary of SHKRP and TOP CAT International Cat Show in Warsaw.

10.09.2003 new photos of CASCADE Aspenville *PL in OFFSPRING.

2-3.08.2003 was XVIII i XIV International Cat Show in Sopot. Results in SHOWS.
Bumper Aspenville *PL – 9 months

26.07.2003 arrived to our cattery DANCING QUEEN, new (black classic tabby with white) girl from Andrea’s Szabo Heartbreaker Cattery from Hungary.
Queenie has wonderful character and a lot of ideas for living in new home. After short quarantine, she become acquainted with our cats. Presence of this little, sweet Queenie, gives us a lot of fun.
Thank You Andrea for lovely Dancing Queen.

19-20.02.2003 We spend very nice moments on the Cat Show in Dresden, where our boy ATOMIC Aspenville *PL takes Inter Champion title, and got certificate for Grand Inter Champion. Congratulations for owner and her cat. Results in SHOWS.

28.06.2003 new photos of litter “D” in KITTENS, litter“C” in PREVIOUS LITTERS and few in galery.

17.06.2003 New kittens are born!!!!
Beffina Pod Bzem *PL of Aspenville *PL x CH I’Heartwood Alwaro *PL – soon more informations in KITTENS.

7-8.06.2003 was VII i VIII International Cat Show in Cracovia. Results of our cats you can find in SHOWS.

6.06.2003 new photos of BUMPER Aspenville *PL and litter “C” – in boys and kittens.

24-25.05.2003 in Warsaw was Public Cat Show. I would like to thank all owners of cats from my cattery for taking part in that show.
Atomic Aspenville *PL – 16 months

Break Dance Aspenville *PL – 6,5 months

10-11.05.2003 was XXVI International Cat Show in Łódź. More informations in SHOWS.

01.05.2003 new photos of BUMPER and ASHU-SHU Aspenville *PL and litter “C” – in boys and kittens.

9.04.2003 new kittens was born after Mistery Angel EVITA of Aspenville and I’Heartwood Alwaro *PL. More informations soon.

5-6.04.2003 was International Cat Show in Warsaw – organised by WCF.
Our cats took a stand on BIS by two days of exhibitions and they have been evaluated highly. We thank organizers of exhibitions cordially for nice acceptance, fine atmosphere and valuable awards.
Bumper Aspenville *PL – 18 weeks

Ch Atomic Aspenville *PL – 15 months

PR Ashu-Shu Aspenville *PL – 15 months

18.03.2003 new photos of BUMPER Aspenville *PL in boys.

15-16.02.2003 was International Cat Show in Warsaw.


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