YEAR 2008

19.12.2008 New photos of kittens.

11.12.2008 New photos of kittens.

02.12.2008 We add first photos of litter U.

29/30.11.2008 We was on Cat Show in Warsaw. Our cats got excellent notes: Papa Versace Aspenville *PL taked Champion title, Break Dance Aspenville *PL after four years break taked Ex1, CAP and Nomination to Best in Show during two days. Our young male Tristan Faricoon *PL taked 2 x Ex1, 1 x BIV i 2 x Nomination to Best in Show and our youngest debut – Kserkses Cat Cabaret *PL taked Ex2 during two days.

25.11.2008 We have kittens after And Only One and Aramis!

13.11.2008 We present Keks, our new boy:

More informations about him soon.

08.11.2008 Boy from our Cattery:
Papa Versace 10 months

24.09.2008 We was add few new photos of our cats :)

16.09.2008 Debut of kitten from our Cattery in Warsaw:

BEST IN SHOW kitten 

14.09.2008 on Warsaw Show our female Witchy Women Atte Rose *Cz taked Champion title.

10.09.2008 We have new photos of boy from our Cattery:
Tango Oskar 3 months

08.09.2008 In Enklawa*PL Cattery kittens were born after Ophra Fox Aspenville*PL and Light My Fire Aspenville*PL.

05.09.2008 We have new photos of boy from our Cattery:
Peeping Tom 9 months

This is son of Ola and Light.

23.08.2008 New boy arrived to our Cattery:

21.07.2008 New photos of litter T.
It was a great pleasure to entertain a cat from our cattery, who arrived with his owners on holidays to Poland. Thank you for wonderful moments :)

Patchwork Aspenville *PL (6 months)

10.07.2008 New photos of Light My Fire.

05.07.2008 New photos of kittens.

21.06.2008 New photos of kittens.

11.06.2008 New photos of kittens, Aramis, Light My Fire and Ophra Fox.

19.05.2008 New kittens was born after Kesi and Aramis.

17.05.2008 We have new photos of Peeping Tom Aspenville *PL – at age 5 months:

16.05.2008 New photos of our new girl .

07.05.2008 Nowe zdjęcia Rhapsody i Witchy.

25.04.2008 New photos of Rhapsody and Kesi.

17.04.2008 New kittens was born after Dancing Queen and Aramis.

16.04.2008 New photos of Rhapsody.

09.04.2008 New photos of Ophra Fox and litter “P”.

04.04.2008 New photos of kittens.

24.02.2008 New photos of kittens.

04.02.2008 New photos of kittens.

30.01.2008 New girl – Rhapsody – were born after Light My Fire & Hot News For Me.


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