YEAR 2009

19.12.2009 New photos of all kittens.

11.12.2009 New photos of kittens from litter X at age 3 weeks.

03.12.2009 Kittens was born. More informations soon.

02.12.2009 New photos of kittens at age 2 weeks. We have new neuter.

29.11.2009 We host on our website tomcat from ower cattery. Owners Asia and Czarek – thanks for photos and informations about him.
TANGO PAPA Aspenville *PL

23.11.2009 New photos of our boy at age 9 months:
JW WITCHY BOY Aspenville *PL

14.11.2009 Kittens was born. More informations soon.

24/25.10.2009 was World Cat Show in St. Gallen (Switzerland):

03/04.10.2009 Cat Show in Vilnius. Tomcat from our cattery Witchy Boy Aspenville*PL JW over two days was taken 2 x Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS, BIS JOUNG. Congratulations :)
Tomcat who live with us Tristan Faricoon*PL was taken INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title.
WITCHY BOY Aspenville *PL

26/27.09.2009 nwas Cat Show in Starogard Ganski. Boy from our cattery WITCHY BOY Aspenville *PL at age 7 months takes JUNIOR WINNER title.

1  x BOB Total
1 x BOB II
2 x   BIC
1 x BEST IN  Special Show MCO Kitten /Cieszyn 2009
6 x BIS
7 x BIV
12 x EX 1

19/20.09.2009 was Cat Show in Bydgoszcz.
WITCHY BOY Aspenville *PL

Saturday: Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS, BIS, BIC, BOB Total
Congratulations for Asia and Czarek.

20.07.2009 On 18th and 19th July we were on International Cat Show in Cieszyn. Our young male WITCHY BOY Aspenville *PL took BEST IN SPECIAL SHOW MCO Kitten 3-6 months title. During two days of the show he took BEST IN SHOW KITTEN 3-6 months cat. 2 title too.
Our girls LULEYKA Villa Park *PL and WITCHY BABY Aspenville *PL took nominations for SPECIAL SHOW MCO and BEST IN SHOW. Congratulations.
WITCHY BOY Aspenville *PL

18.07.2009 We have new photos of our females from Ashabelle Cattery.


09.07.2009 We have one kitten for sale from our last litter:
(male – d 03 22 / red clas. tabby with white)

06.07.2009 Witchy Baby stay with us. More info in youngs.
Witchy Baby Aspenville *PL

02.07.2009 New photos of our Hokus in galery.
Hokus Pokus Aspenville *PL

02.05.2009 New photos of kittens.

01.05.2009 Tango Oskar Aspenville *PL – soon he will be 1 year old:

01.05.2009 We decided to keep one of kittens from the litter “V” after: LULEYKA Villa Park *PL & ARAMIS Noemi *PL.

Vanya Puaro Aspenville *PL

18.04.2009 New photos of all kittens.

05.04.2009 New photos of our kittens.

Tango Oskar Aspenville *PL of Villa Park *PL

Best In Show Young
14/15.03.2009 Lublin

09.03.2009 New photos of kittens from litter “V” and “W” – and our Kserkses Cat Cabaret*PL.

25.02.2009 New photos of all kittens.

06.02.2009 Witchy has delivered of a beautiful colored kittens. More in kittens.

05.02.2009 First photos of kittens after Luleyka and Aramis.

04.02.2009 New photos of kittens from litter U.

23.01.2009 Luleyka Villa Park*PL gave a birth for the first time.

22.01.2009 New photos of kittens.

14.01.2009 New photos of kittens.

08.01.2009 Photos of our Tango:

Tango Oskar Aspenville*PL – lives in Villa Park*PL Cattery
born 19.05.2008

*06.01.2009*New photos of kittens.

04.01.2009 Tomcat from our Cattery:
Just Sunrise


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